Citypaper’s History of “Best Of” Covers

The Baltimore Citypaper has a long history of some really great cover art, especially for the annual “Best Of” issue.  Here is a brief history of some of the past covers, which you can see on the board now. The winners for 2014 were announced today, so go out and get the issue or visit

Best of 2003
M. Wartella

Best of 2004
M. Wartella

Best of 2005
M. Wartella

Best of 2006
Alex Fine

Best of 2007
Kevin Sherry

Best of 2008
Cover graven image of BOB by rT&c the SubGenius Foundation.
Cover design by Joe Macleod

Best of 2009
Daniel Krall

Best of 2010
Frank Hamilton

Best of 2011
Frank Hamilton

Best of 2012

Best of 2013
Sam Holden

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