Abhi Thati

Daydreaming his way through school, Abhi’s notebook was covered in sketches. After high school, feeling completely confused and abandoned by the educational system, Abhi went on a introspective journey. Soon enough that confused look turned into the neutral gaze of the Buddha. Abhi received a B.Sc. in computer animation from Full Sail University. He now works as a freelance digital artist. Artist Statement: I believe art is a catalyst to a higher awareness of one’s self and surroundings. Through promoting visionary artistic expression we can direct the collective consciousness into a more humble and aware state. Our conscious evolution is paved with creation of new neural pathways, enabling us to truly embrace the organism that we are a part of. The intention of my art is to catalyze a sensory experience that may open new doors for people. This is what I believe is the role of visionary art.

Available for:

Concept Art, 3D Sculpting





Painter, Illustrator