Bartosz Tararuj

Bartosz is a Polish Born visual artist living in Baltimore. Mainly focusing on painting, Bartosz carefully lets each piece fall into place on its own. The final concept of each work is usually unknown and is explored throughout the duration of the work being made. Generally beginning with a background generated with emphasis on free expression and the subconscious, the artist is left with a universe to explore and fill with literal and metaphorical symbolism relating to the artist’s own experiences or current events. Often making connections between seemingly unrelated subjects, Bartosz’s main concern is for the audience to realize that all things no matter how far apart are connected. This metaphysical effort is intended to be even more important than the final concept of the composition and if this effort inspires others to view the world this way than the artist’s main intention has been fulfilled. Bartosz’s personal explanations of his work are immersive and become a learning experience for the artist and the audience alike so anyone and everyone is encouraged to communicate with the artist directly.

Available for:

Commissions, Artistic Problem Solving, Discussion