Bob Rose

My existence began, stayed, and continues in Baltimore. I’m pretty sure it’s the only place that likes the stink coming off my art. I once co-edited a nationally released horror film by the “Blair Witch Guy,” Ed Sanchez. I have a podcast network with my friends called THUNDER GRUNT. I also show underground movies to the public with my friends via MONDO BALTIMORE. I make a lot of videos with the BALTIMORE ROCK OPERA SOCIETY because they’re my friends and they like my crazy. I’m a big lug, I love my mom and my heart has belonged to cinema since my eye lids first cracked open. As a filmmaker I specialize in burying character depth deep within silly, gross, bizarre, ugly packaging. If the Kids In the Hall, Edgar Wright, John Waters, The Coen Brothers and Chuck Jones all had a baby together, I wouldn’t be that baby, but I hope that baby would like my films.

Available for:

Film and Video Editing, Photography