Daniela Mileykovsky is originally from Chicago and is currently living in Baltimore. She graduated in 2014 with a BFA in film and video from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Daniela’s early work focuses mainly on surreal narrative video with an emphasis on human rawness, gender correspondence, and the state of ‘being’. The subject of her more long-term documentary project is Out of Your Head, the Baltimore improvisational Jazz collective. Out of Your head has influenced a lot of her previous work including her first video triptych. She has also done audio/visual collaborations with several of the collective’s members. In 2012 she completed another video triptych intertwining cultivated concepts of lighting and cinematography to play with psychological reception. Daniela has shifted from creating surreal images to documentation to narrative scripted works. Her most recent project is a fantastical narrative short film titled Olfactory Collection which she began to compose in the winter of 2013. The motion picture was completed in May 2014. With all the different projects Daniela immerses herself into, she has learned to adapt to a number of different film making styles. In this process she has learned what it takes to be a director, producer, cinematographer, set designer, and editor. She tends to be a DIY one woman show, though she also enjoys the creative exchange that occurs in a collaborative process. While Daniela is mainly a film maker these days, she also enjoys working on video/sculptural installations, paintings, and drawings. If you are interested in collaborating or commissioning a project please contact Daniela via email at Dmileykovsky@gmail.com

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