Erin Fitzpatrick, graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, began her current series of portraits in mid 2008. Originally titled Baltimore Portrait, this body of work now contains over 250 paintings and drawings of notable artists, musicians, business people, and Fitzpatrick’s peers. She views this project as “people collecting,” as it is as much about meeting and documenting new subjects, as it is about the paintings themselves. Exhibiting extensively in solo and group shows, she has gained collectors throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

With no foreseeable end to her project, she looks forward to adding many more people to her visual network. She runs the award-winning site

When Erin is not in her studio she is probably somewhere being really good at summer, reading so many books, getting a fake tan, listening to rap music or the Rolling Stones, by a pool, traveling, watching/listening to/talking about baseball, and/or all of the above.

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