Heather Joi

Heather Joi is multi-dimensional, creating her unique vision of life on canva, through elaborate performance art, dance, musical musings, poetry, and art modeling. “I feel that all art forms are expressions and extensions of each other. When I look back through art history, I see that the explorations and discoveries of a particular period/culture are reflected in each of the various art forms; the music sounds like the paintings, the paintings are reflections of… theater/dance, fashion, decor, architecture…” Having been born into a West Virginia military family and serving in the military, Joi has the discipline of a drill sargent and is prolific in her work. Her spare, almost Kibuki imaginings created in the studio have also burst into flame on the street in her performance art. Her visual art images range from powerful black, almost human scribbles on paper to dynamic oil and acrylic color explosions on canvas. Heather is mostly self-taught and has been drawing since she was a child. However, her mentor, West Virginia artist Ron Smyth taught her about what paint, medium and varnishes can do and rooted her in art history to inform her own unique perspective. “If I have a pre-determined idea it can get in the way of what wants to be revealed or unveiled. The less I try to enforce the better,” says the artist. A visual and performance artist, member of the Funky Bass and Beat Group Known as “F”, Heather Joi says that her work conveys the paradoxically unifying concepts in spirituality, art and science connected by the psychic, mystical and the surreal. — Auset Marian Lewis

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Painter | Musician | Performance Artist