Joey Baker

Joey Baker is a London based visionary artist studying BA Fine Art at Kingston University. When he is not producing work for his degree he works as freelance Illustrator/fine artist completing a range of different works. My art tries to imitate my love for discovery towards self-truth, depicting my forever on-going understanding of the world around me. It is a blog of my life; the unknown captivates me, pushing me forward; it inspires and allows my imagination to flourish, providing a large visual playground to work with. This is the drive behind my expression. I believe my work is simple in its ideology; to show others of the beauty that they possess inside themselves and also in the world around them. Self and other are the same and this interconnectivity should be shown to be understood. My work is my way of saying thank you to world and the people that surround me keeping me full of life. I try to imitate those people’s beauty, giving back what they have given me. If happiness is the goal then we are here to facilitate that within each other. May appreciative emotions of beauty and understanding flow through your body when you view my work. That is all I ask for.

Available for:

Commissions, Murals, Paintings, Album artwork, Photoshop work, Live painting, T-shirt designs



Painter / Illustrator / Graphic designer