Jovanna Reyes

The mother of four girls, Jovanna’s first passion is her daughters, husband, family and close friends. Born and raised in the Bronx by her Dominican mother, Jovanna’s always had a love for the arts. She credits the Guggenheim Museum for saving her and keeping her out of trouble. Any free time she had was spent there, people watching and ogling art. As a teen, Jovanna majored in art in high school with a great passion for watercolors. Once she was accepted to Hofstra University, she changed her major to the sciences. For years she felt like something was missing until she took a photography class at a local community college. Her passion for the arts renewed, Jovanna continues to study the craft of photography, videography, and production. She combines her love of photography and plus size fashion with her blogzine, Curvysta, where womens’ sizes 10+ are showcased.

Available for:

Portrait and Fashion Photography