JT Thompson

I trained as a painter at the Columbus College of Art and Design. My work can be found in the collections of the Columbus Museum of Art (Larry DiRosario Collection), the Downtown Hilton (Columbus, OH), Northern Kentucky University, and private collectors.
Artist Statement: I am currently working in a style I call Geometric Surrealism. This style explores the use of multiple views of spaces and corridors, using varied light sources to creating spatial depth in abstract compositions. Light reflecting and refracting off of multiple geometric planes guides the viewer’s eye, and gives shape to what might otherwise be a chaotic mass of line and color. In this process the work I produce is dynamically bold, stimulating and mysterious. The images capture the viewer and entice the eye to explore the composition. My work is inspired by the tension between certain dualities: the conscious and subconscious, light and dark. As an abstract artist, I am philosophically interested in the subjectivity of the mind, and its capacity for skewing perspectives of external events or the physical world. My focus is the process; an approach is not of much importance, as far as I have achieved my goal which mostly comes as a communication with the artwork. Sometimes I don’t have a fore planned reason, but the artwork just leads me to its own creation. This is my favorite approach!

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