Justin Winkel

Justin Winkel, age 26, is an emerging self-taught artist from Baltimore, Maryland. As an Abstract Expressionist he primarily works with acrylic paints. Justin often employs bold colors and layers of texture that draw you in and tend to have you see images inside of the art. From the choice of color, to the stroke of the brush or the swift motion of a palette knife, he believes that his subconscious speaks what his mouth is unwilling to. After losing his father to ALS, Justin really struggled with direction and finding a purpose in life. After 8 years of crying out for a connection to his father, bad decisions and depression, in February 2013, at the age of 24, a paintbrush fell into what was soon to be the hands of a very talented artist. The moment he put a paintbrush to a canvas, was the first time he felt at peace with his life. He no longer battled with acceptance of himself or the loss of his father. He truly got lost in his art. Justin’s ultimate goal through his art is to show the importance of Fine Arts and how creativity is the key to human growth. Art changed Justin’s life for the better and now his plan is to share his story in hopes to help someone else who is in a similar situation. He has works represented in many private collections across the United States.

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