Katia Baskina

I am a Moscow, Russia transplant, who got to the states via South Africa. My worldly travels have opened up my mind and eyes to diversity and variety, which is evident in my work. I started drawing and making art as early as 5, but I did not fall in love with paint and a paint brush until my second year of college, which was about 17 years ago. Ever since then I have been pushing myself to become better and better at portraying the world and its beauty through my eyes. I have received my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art. My main influences are Gustav Klimpt, Salvador Dali, and Van Gogh. I draw my inspiration from everyday things and people. In the last few years I have been drawing a lot of inspiration from Baltimore and its history. My other interests that can be seen in my paintings are allegorical creatures, mythical figures, and powerful female figures. I am a very instinctual painter and approach my paintings the way I live my life with vigor, spontaneity, and faith in myself. In my paintings I like to juxtapose bright colors with dark colors to make things jump out at the viewer. I use bold brush strokes along blended backgrounds to create my 3 dimensional abstract worlds. I’m currently a member of SoWeBo art association, the Creative Alliance, and frequently participate in shows at Gallery 788, Addler Gallery, and local bars and restaurants. I am currently in the process of expanding my art business KatArt and building an ecommerce art website.

Available for:

Paintings, Murals, Illustrations, Graphic Design, and Curating