Kyle Zipper Belly Singer

How are life-defining experiences stored in the mind? How does one get to that memory, is it a linear path or a frantic tangled maze? To explore this topic by embracing my wandering mind and impulsive nature, I combine elements of drawing, watercolor, and paper-cut to examine how ideas, thoughts, and memories are stored and accessed in the brain. I aim to find patterns and structure within the chaos, while attempting to balance imaginative derangement and chaotic hierarchy. I begin on a piece without having a conception of the eventual end, allowing for ebbs and flows to interact with new concepts and ideas. This creates a complex interlacing color, characters, things & thoughts. I meticulously depicting these cartoon like creatures so they may populate the dreamscape of the paper, much like thought in the mind. The watercolor gives an element of chance, creating unpredictable and beautiful forms. I peer into the puddles of color and let the organic arrangements of the watercolor inform my actions. (This process reflects the world we face each day, which give us the information we need, prompting us to respond.) You have to listen to the piece to know when to follow old patterns and when to create new structure; it’s all a part of my productive chaos. When people view art, it breathes life into the piece, allowing their own views and experiences to be reflected by the work. The meaning of my work is up for interpretation to a certain extent. The viewer can have his or her own interactions with the piece as it all flows and comes together, and when they walk away, they will have formulated their own connections. This is the final step in completing my art to… Find order in chaos.

Available for:

Graphic Design, Illustration





Drawing / Digital