Linda Tucker

I am inspired by the natural world and all of its facets. To capture the delicateness of a flower or the mystery of an eclipse just compels me to continue to explore my surroundings even more. The exploration of both the micro and macro world through photography has given me such peace. The ability to get others to stop and look at the beauty that encompasses them is my greatest fulfillment on this photographer’s journey. Biography: A Native New Yorker, Linda has always possessed a keen sense for the beauty of nature, land, sea and skyscapes. Her eye captures the magnificence of the Creator in all its glory. As a science educator, Linda embraces the natural essence of the world through her lens. A self-taught photographer, Linda captures the heavens in a way that is honorable of praise. She sees the sky, sea and land and exhibits its light and color to the fullest. Linda strives to encompass the amazing beauty of nature in her images. In this manner she hopes to share the astounding beauty of the natural world with anyone that wishes to escape the mundane and cross over to the breathtaking. In commenting on her work, Linda states that she is constantly, “Viewing the Creator’s hand everyday, capturing it through my lens and interpreting it through my mind’s eye.

Available for:

Photoshoots- Landscapes, Real Estate, Product Shots, Head Shots, Promotional Shots, Event Photography