Awura-Adzua Cummings-Martin is a self-taught mixed media artist of well over sixteen years. Born in Jamaica Queens, New York City but groomed in Baltimore City, she began with formal art education and decided she didn’t want to be confined to the rules and concepts of an art school curriculum. Known as “Rahj” in Charm City, her art is heavily saturated graphite designs, deep contrasts, evocative hues, with a subtle influence of the dark arts through her trade of body modifications. It appears that her works often have elements of symmetry and organic flow to them. Finding parallels in obscurity, her paintings have their own portals of personalities, and each piece created is constantly different than the next. Rahj’s visual voice allows the audience to be interactive with each piece; their textures and condensation create an emotion that not only is relatable, but is absolutely tactile. The use of crystals and other raw materials within her body of work is a key component to the spiritual significance of her process.

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