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Sarah Juanita was born in Washington D.C. in 1988. Sarah works with mixed media and develops unique jewelry influenced by the art that she makes at that point in time. Self taught, she is immersed in the pulse of Baltimore City and exploring its culture of the queer black diaspora. From paintings to wearable art, Sarah Juanita creates a critical, colorful, and playful outlet. Sarah is locally and internationally collected with enthusiasts such as the Kadampa Meditation Center and celebrity stylist to Beyoncé, Ty Hunter. She has made appearances in group exhibitions such as the Maryland Art Place: Out of Order (2013) and Bromo Pop Up Gallery (2014). Recently, Sarah had published cover art for Scars (2014, Dr. A. Breeze Harper), a novel about whiteness, racism, and breaking past the normative boundaries of heterosexuality, as experienced through eighteen year old Savannah Penelope Sales. You can catch Sarah’s work for showcasing at Peace and a Cup of Joe and Diaspora Salon in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Painter | Creative Wears Designer

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