Schroeder Cherry

A native of Washington, D.C., Dr. Schroeder Cherry is an artist and museum educator. He has held museum positions in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, Malibu, and Baltimore. For 8 years he served at The Institute of Museum and Library Services, first as Deputy Director for Museums, and later as Counselor to the Director. He currently teaches museum studies to graduate students, and resides in Maryland. Cherry’s artworks are mixed media assemblages on wood, often incorporating found objects. Joker is part of a series of portraits. The glass washboard is the type used for washing fine linens. Keys and locks represent tools of access. Watermelon images reference the African diaspora in a positive way. This nutritious fruit originated in Africa. Although Cherry’s works tend to have narratives, there is no one story, as viewers bring their own experiences to each piece.

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Assemblage Artist