Tara Rule

Tara Rule is a young artist with a unique story. She was born in 1991 and worked in the funeral industry. She suffers from a very rare disease called autoimmune encephalitis. She expresses herself through her painting. She uses her art as a medium to connect with the outside world, even when she is trapped in her own body during the times she cannot walk, talk, or feed herself. Her painting helps her express the chaos in her mind during bouts of hallucinations and insanity due to brain inflammation. “I have always loved drawing and painting, and I was always decent at it. When I lost vision in my left eye and the use of my dominant hand for a few months due to tremors, it infuriated me. It made me push harder than I ever had before. It took me hours to do even the smallest portion of a painting, but it was the best work I had ever done. Those challenges forced me into doing the hard work I was never willing to do – which was taking my time. I was always in such a hurry. I would never spend more than one day on a painting. You would think that when I thought I only had months to live, that I would be in even more of a hurry to get things done. I was physically forced to slow down. I am thankful for the gifts my disability have given me.” Tara is a self taught artist.

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