The Baltimore Portrait Project

The First Portraits From the Baltimore Portrait Project Are In

The Baltimore portrait project pairing party was a great success and the portraits are underway. Here are the first two submissions from featured artists Carabella Sands, Rebecca Drumm, Jes Raschella, and William Wright. These pieces will now go into regular rotation on the LED board as the rest come in. It’s already looking like we’ll be seeing a wide variety of styles and mediums.

Great job so far! Keep ’em coming!

Carabella Sands draws Rebecca Drumm

“Rebecca Drumm”
By: Carabella Sands
Mixed media illustration

Rebecca Drum draws Carabella Sands

Carabella Sands
By: Rebecca Drumm

Jes Raschella paints William Wright

William Wright
By: Jes Raschella

William Wright paints Jes Raschella

“Jes Raschella”
By: William Wright

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