Amanda Shaffer

Storyboarding and Pre-Production artist Amanda Shaffer emerged from the corn of Indiana, moved to the east coast and has never turned back. Through studying at Maryland Institute College of Art she found that her passion for entertaining since her youth could be used for professional practice, so now she seeks to make a name in the unsung animation production industry. Keeping traditional practices at heart she still enjoys the satisfaction of a brush and watercolor, but finds that storytelling is at the core of her artistic endeavors. When she’s not engrossed in a project Amanda enjoys nothing more than baking sweets, then curling up with a good read or video game. Someday she hopes to live somewhere lovely with a cache of chickens with cute butts, and a reasonable number of cats. For now, Amanda continues to work hard to bring entertainment to others around her.

Available for:

Storyboards, Visual Development, Illustration





Illustrator / Painter