Annette Horan

Annette Horan is both an animator and artist; she gives life and expression to images and objects. Her passion is fine art including drawing, sculpting, and mixed media. This passion guides her incorporation of tangible and tactile media into virtual space. She explores the links between digital and physical worlds. Dreams and imagination fascinate and inspire her. It is her belief that animation yields an opportunity to tap into and share unique, whimsical, and fanciful journeys with an audience. Her work includes digital signs and motion graphic animation broadcasts. She has worked animations advertising university lectures, performances, and events. She has collaborated with fellow artists and programmers on a number of grant funded projects including a hot air balloon zoetrope prototype, interactive ipad application layout and artwork, as well as 3D modeling, UV mapping and texturing the buildings in Baltimore from 1815. Additionally, Annette participates in many community arts and educational projects. She is an active volunteer in her community with the hope to enrich the lives of people of all ages. Annette broadly seeks opportunities for unique ways to express ideas and emotions as well as actively encouraging and engaging others in their experiences.

Available for:

Animations; Motion graphics; Video editing; 3D modeling, texturing and UV mapping; Traditional animation and stop motion; Layout and design; Mixed media art, Painting and illustration, Digital painting and compositing; Educational classes, Festivals and community art projects



Animator; Motion graphics designer; Video editor; 3D design; Character design; Concept designer; Digital painter; Educator