John Shepard

John is a self taught photographer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Originally a marketer, John was one of the namesake co-founders of TwoChaps Creative where he served primarily as a marketing strategist and copywriter. He began shooting simply in support of the firm’s web design efforts and to lessen their dependency on stock art. However, as his skills evolved so did demand, soon spinning off Shepshot Studios. In 2015, John left TwoChaps Creative and founded, a digital agency dedicated to providing design, marketing, and technology support to nonprofit and socially conscious organizations. He was featured on LED Baltimore as part of the 2014’s Baltimore Portrait Project, where he shot local prominent drag queen, Ellen Degenerate. You can find John’s art photography showing in various galleries and for sale in retail storefronts around Baltimore.

Available for:

Portrait & Commercial Photography, Copywriting, Marketing Strategy