Jonathan W. Brown

Over the past several decades, Jonathan has become one of the most well established local artists in the Maryland and Mid-Atlantic areas. Originally from Baltimore, he began drawing at a very early age, soon earning recognition throughout his school days for his mural paintings and pen and ink yearbook contributions. Experienced in many different facets of the artistic field, JB has enjoyed a career in electronic technical illustration and systems management and also specializes in highly detailed pencil renderings, portraits, paintings, mixed media images and prints for home, office and hotel decor. Since 1993, his works have become well-known and commercially represented, having produced specialized works for several NFL athletes and such international organizations as Paramount Studios for whom he produced the 25th Anniversary Star Trek Commemorative Print. He is most notably known, however, for his long-term association with and public appearances at the World Famous Ocean Gallery located on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, where he has premiered over 60 images of local nature and Eastern Shore subject matter, earning a reputation as a top local artist, and the leading Blue Crab Artist in the State. Jonathan continues to create, producing new images which can be found in many formats and in several shops and galleries throughout the Maryland Mid-Atlantic area and worldwide on the web.

Available for:

Custom design, Fine arts/ Large-scale, public space pieces





Illustrator, Pencil, Composit, and Mixed Media Artist