The artistic works of JOY is reflective of her perspective as world traveler. It all began as a dream of a girl from Compton with a “brownie camera” and desire to see the world. She has traveled extensively, visiting seven continents and all states, except for North Dakota. She is an attorney, licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and State of Michigan. After visiting Antarctica she produced a documentary poetic journey, Dancing in the Rays of the Antarctic Sun. She also decided to focus more on her creative endeavors in creative writing, photography, and filmmaking. She has worked with a local artist to bring their still projects to life through film. Additionally, her photography and movie shorts were the background for the India Tent at the 2015 World of Montgomery Festival in Rockville, Maryland. Recently, she visited Cuba and filmed a historic goodwill mission trip by the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League. Photographic works of JOY are reflective of her delight in the full flavor of people, food, custom, religion, belief, tradition and life. She believes that patience and being open to new experiences is one of life’s greatest teachers. The unfamiliarity of “new” if allowed to happen may lead to levels of understanding previously not imagined.

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Photographer | Filmmaker | Poet | Writer