M. Anthony

Maceo A. Cooper-Jenkins is a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He began his journey as an artist at a young age, sketching numerous images of video game characters. His first sketchbook consisted of a Dallas Cowboys folder with collections of ragged, loose-leaf paper housing the products of his talent. Art began as a hobby which eventually morphed into a retreat from many of life’s ills. The ability to immerse himself into his work and feel as though nothing else existed except his paper and pencil was addictively healing. His potential to pursue art beyond its therapeutic means was first recognized by Mrs. Helen Mortlock De Gil, his IB (International Baccalaureate) Art teacher in Caracas, Venezuela. Mrs. Gil constantly stressed the beauty of the African-American culture and encouraged Maceo to portray such richness and expression in his pieces. To this day, Maceo continues to use the world as his muse, seeking to portray interpretations of subject matter that has shaped his current place in life. Portraiture (graphite/charcoal) is a recent favorite of his because of his amazement with the opportunity to capture the unique characteristics of individuals, and to mimic emotion with the slightest use of shading or highlighting. When he paints (acrylic), he feels uninhibited, relinquishing some of the technical skill used in his portrait work and depicts emotion through the use of bold color combinations to create subtle abstractions to his subject matter. Just as art has served as therapy to Maceo, he prays that his work inspires others in ways that promote motivation, and the recognition of the many ways in which beauty presents itself in our lives.

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Commissions (portraits/abstracts)