Trent Jackson

His humble beginnings flow forth from the changing tides of the Tidewater Virginia region. A native Norfolkian, he is the last of four born to his loving parents of rural origins, Mr. William A. and Mrs. Edna D. Jackson. He describes himself as most fortunate to have experienced their guidance and nurturing in the suburban and rural trappings in Tidewater. He considers it an enclave that is both a habitat of transition and a haven of rest. Trent’s formal education included completing high school at Booker T. Washington, Norfolk, VA; followed by a B.S. Biology, American University and M.S. in Cancer Biology Prevention and Control, from the University of the District of Columbia. He still wonders about the influence and impact, if by any measure, that his formal education might still play upon his burgeoning artistic expression. Only the future can reveal this through the observer’s expression of impressions to their mental and emotional intelligence. As a self-taught artist exploring his creativity, he welcomes the adventure of tweaking perspective, channeling the experience of one’s psyche, and discovering the resulting critique of the observer.


Trent firmly believes that the “family factor” is one of the greatest influences in one’s life, and to speak further of his as pivotally noteworthy for where he finds himself today. His parents traversed from meager substance to learning how to survive and even more to mold and launch him and as the next generation on against all odds to thrive. In honorable reflection their steadfast accomplishments, he realizes it is direct result of his embrace and engaged work ethic that evokes a story of indomitable hope, transition, breakthrough and perseverance. He stands triumphant in spite of life’s challenging experiences and that tenacity gives rise to the great capacity from within and the creative genius in him to share his work today.


Working with his hands to create or deconstruct things came naturally to him during childhood as many cake plates, irons, glassware, dishes, and television fragments were the base materials of re-creation. In addition, he excelled in art and science from kindergarten to elementary school and loved crafting simple creative projects. Today, in contrast to the fact that he has no formal training, he is surprised at the unfolding and finished product of each new drawing and painting, but is led by an amazing passion to express the voice of a moment.


His growing interest and development as a painter and graphic artist was catapulted further upon relocation to the Washington, DC area. In his new surroundings he desired to portray something striking – a conversation piece of his own creation. He developed three divergent themes – two forms of textured and polymorphic acrylic paintings and a collection of structured mosaic drawings. In reflection, these expressions were his attempt to depict swift, complex, multi-factored changes that were happening around him, the resulting changes within, and more important a higher more beautiful pane of view that life would bring in the future. His inspiration and work is influenced by the skilled crafting and energy of great fine artists – Jacqueline Flowers, Charles Bibbs, Poncho Brown, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Alfred Gockle.
Painting and drawing, for Trent, are extensions of his unique poetic breath and heartbeat to creatively communicate experiences of triumph, hope, renewal, breakthrough, perseverance, and that which is simple, yet breath-takingly beautiful. Poetry, in his view, presents a mighty message with skill, whether put to paper or eloquently uttered; poetry flows in and out of rhythm, in expressing moods, thoughts and shades of emotions in one’s experiences. Moreover, painting and drawing like poetry share this same stage of skillfulness, but do so at an operatic pace as the cast of players increase in imagery, meaning, purpose, struggle, feeling and so much more. The visual impact is so intense, so immediate, and sometimes so inundating and hypnotic as the message breathes, sings, dances, or maybe even cries, screams and laughs in the kinetics of the chromatic display. The poetic depth of painting and drawing release profound levels of expression that are even more meaningful through color, texture, pattern, shape, tone, contrast, and intensity. His ultimate desire as an artist is to render his poetic expression as an orchestration flowing effortlessly into the delightfully welcoming perception of even the unsuspecting viewer. Painting and drawing reveal his heartfelt passions with themes and messages that He desires to share as noble acts of joy and service to uplift the vision of others to connect with the beauty of life lived to the fullest.

Available for:

Abstract Painting