Vickie Gray

I’m a Baltimore-based photographer of people, places, and faces. My studio is located on 25th Street in Old Goucher, though I’m frequently found on-site at client locations and on streets around town. I’m lucky enough to have two artistic pursuits – portrait and travel images. When I travel, I photograph mostly cities – in rain and winter as well as in sunny tropical climates. Anything related to transportation – getting around – fascinates me, whether it’s cars, trains, subways or taxis. I love signage and eccentric architectural details. Most of all I’m drawn to people and street scenes, the little activities of daily life that define a country or region. I’m particularly obsessed with Cuba and the timeless nature of its culture and people. On my portrait website, you’ll find corporate and personal portraits, senior and engagement shots, and event photography, as well as dancers, models, and actors. Through photography, I maintain a deep connection to the everyday citizens of Baltimore. Some of my favorite photos were captured at a festival, celebration, or protest. Nothing is more exciting to me than being in the center of the action. My photos appear on business websites, social media, and in a variety of publications. I’ve exhibited travel images at local galleries, and they are available for sale in a variety of formats.

Available for:

Portraits, Commercial Photography