The Baltimore Portrait Project Pairing Party

The Baltimore Portrait project has received a total of 109 sign-ups! Artists will be paired up on August 20th at The Windup Space.

The idea for the project came about when Baltimore artist Carabella Sands was assigned as project manager for LED Baltimore. Since then, she has gathered a diverse collection of amazing and talented artists from all over the city. The artists will be paired up at the party by drawing the name of their partner from a hat on stage. Following this will be music performances by Canopy, Boat Water, Zenji Normann, Crippled Symmetries, and Sherman Whips. Art supplies will be generously provided by Artist & Craftsman Supply so that Portraits can be started there at the venue during the music.

We’re hoping the project will lead to some unique and entertaining portraits to share on the board!

The event page for the Artist Pairing Party can be found here.

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